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Blisstopia is our educational page.  Here you will find blogs, free downloads and video content.  The information contained here is quick and easy to implement ideas.  When you are ready for more in-depth training course to dig deeper into the topics you see here, go to our services tab.

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BLISS is what we do and how we do it

Our definition of BLISS is the freedom to love and be loved in abundance with complete forgiveness and without judgement.  What would life be like for you if you had BLISS like this in your life?

BLISS is also the acronym for our simple process which stands for BOLD, LEVERAGE, INSPIRED, SELF and START.  We utilize this acronym to describe our process.  No matter what you are trying to achieve if you incorporate BLISS you will eventually have a life filled with bliss.


Be bold in your decision making.  Make a conscious decision to be happy, improve intimacy and find sustainable love.   Speak positive about yourself.

LEVERAGE your circumstances

Take your experiences and use them to your benefit.  Change your narrative, change your life, says relationship experts, Stephen and Sonji Millet.

Take INSPIRED Action

Take steps in the direction you want your life to go to find love and improve intimacy.

Put YourSELF First

You are important.  Understand that you must come first.  This is not about being selfish but more about taking time for yourself. When you put yourself first, you can achieve your goals and help others.  


Do your best starting today.  Be 100% responsible for you and your life.  As Relationship Experts, we will give you a clear and concise plan of action designed to achieve your desired outcome for finding love and improving intimacy.


Listen as relationship expert, Stephen talks about his process to finding love and Bliss.