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Relationship Experts and Motivational Speakers, Stephen and Sonji Millet

Our Mission

We help our clients create life affirming personal and professional relationships by teaching them to push past their negative limiting beliefs to ignite their bliss.  We provide speaking, coaching, training and reading materials that are easy to understand with real life examples.

We are committed to sharing our life principles and proven strategies to help others achieve a more abundant and blissful life. We take practical application layered with our life experiences and created unique workshops, training and coaching opportunities that are fun, easy to follow and simple to implement.  We will make you laugh, cry and think about the possibilities while you transform your life.

If you are someone who wants more out of your relationships, contact us today.


Relationship Experts and Motivational Speakers, Stephen and Sonji Millet

Our Experience

With 30 years of experience speaking in the private and professional sectors, Stephen is a best selling author, a licensed ordained minister, a professional technical instructor and has performed stand-up comedy across the country.

Sonji, has 25+ years in the professional sector, coaching and training globally. She has developed training processes which have been deployed internationally.  She holds 2 Bachelor and a Master Degrees.

We have successfully parented our blended family of 5 children and we are still on our honeymoon after 10 blissful years and counting!  We travel the world teaching people to create blissful, harmonious relations wherever we go.

Relationship Experts and Motivational Speakers, Stephen and Sonji Millet


Stephen has overcome living with a mother suffering from schizophrenia as a child, an absentee father, dropping out of high school, being rejected by the army, bankruptcy and foreclosure, 3 divorces with high child support and alimony payments, being a single father and has recovered from the financial and physical impacts of 4 major surgeries. 

It took Sonji more than 10 years after the failure of her first marriage to find real love again.  Sonji has successfully balanced being a single mother with a full time professional career while studying for her Master's Degree, volunteering in her church and local community and finding her soul mate, all at the time.  She is a survivor of childhood molestation.  

Stephen and Sonji utilize what they have learned from their studies, life experiences and relationships to be successful in their professional and personal lives.