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Our amazing PILLOW TALK video series is intimacy communication training at its best. This series provide you topics that you can use to have your own pillow talk. Through these videos we invite you into our bedroom to be a part of our PILLOW TALK conversation. You will see our real life examples of how to discuss intimacy. What one today and change your romantic life.


Does one or more of the following describe YOU?

  • I am ready to experience more PASSION
  • I am stuck in patterns that perpetuate unhealthy relationships.
  • I have a good relationship and I want to make it BETTER
  • I need help improving my relationships in my spiritual, personal, or business life.
  • I would like to have more INTIMACY in my relationships
  • I am frustrated about being single and want to find Mr./Mrs. Right.
  • I want a more HARMONIOUS relationship.
  • I am unsatisfied or unfulfilled in my relationship (just going through the motions).

If you answered yes to at least one, then we can help you. We help our clients create life affirming personal and professional relationships by teaching them to push past their negative limiting beliefs to ignite bliss and intimacy. Our clients experience; 

  • More intimacy 
  • Sex more often and fulfilling
  • Happier longer lasting relationships
  • More appreciation for their partner
  • Find the mate of their dreams
  • Avoid the pain of divorce
  • Tap into the secrets of desire to keep passion alive

We are Stephen and Sonji Millet, Best Selling Authors, Transformational Speakers and Relationship Intimacy Experts. We have been married more than 10 blissful honeymoon years and we understand what it takes to create life affirming relationships.   Let us help you!